At Curwens we believe it is important to give our clients a realistic estimate of our fees at the outset of any matter.

The basis on which we charge varies according to which area of law the matter relates to and the nature of the work involved. In many situations we are able to offer a fixed fee* but in other areas where the amount of our involvement can vary substantially, we will charge according to the time spent by each grade of lawyer involved in your case.

However, even when we cannot offer a fixed fee we will give our best estimate together with an explanation and the factors that could affect the final fee. We will also update our estimate as the matter progresses and inform you of any likely changes as soon as possible.

Charging Procedures

Where your matter requires us to make payments on your behalf, which are referred to as disbursements, we will request that you make payment in advance of us incurring these. Examples of disbursements are court fees, search fees, stamp duty, reports from experts, etc.

In some areas of work, we also request a payment in advance for our professional charges. We may also issue interim bills “on account” on a monthly or periodic basis for matters that are likely to be long-running.

Our bills are payable upon presentation and will include VAT.

Guidance on Fees

Follow the links below for a guide to the fees in each area of law.

Curwens for You

Curwens for Business

*In a small number of cases even when a fixed fee has been quoted at the outset, we may be forced to charge a different amount. This may be due to us not being aware of all the relevant facts at the outset or the nature of the case may change as it progresses. In these circumstances you will be informed as soon as possible and the situation fully explained.