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Whether you have been asked to sign up to a contract which contains restrictive covenants or you are worried about the enforceability of restrictive covenants when you leave your current job, our expert employment lawyers are here to help.

We will dissect the legal jargon that enshrines common restrictions which are designed to protect the business that you are due to join or leave. Our wealth of experience means that we are able to provide practical advice on their enforceability and the consequences of the same and advise you of the options available to you and the risks involved.

It is commonplace to receive a letter from an ex-employer asking you to stop breaching restrictions or provisions that you remain bound by post-employment (resist desist letter or known as a cease and desist letter), usually when you have joined a competitor or started your own competing business. Together with our commercial experts, we can respond to such letters robustly and attempt to reach an amicable agreement to avoid costly and usually unnecessary stressful litigation.

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