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Curwens ethos is to deliver a professional, friendly and affordable service to all our clients, no matter who they are.

Our team will provide you with the expert advice and support you need at every stage of your transaction, no matter how complex the instruction.

Residential Transactions

For most people, their house is probably the most valuable asset they will ever own. Our team here at Curwens understands that whether you are an experienced investor or a first time buyer, the process can be equally daunting. You can rest assured that our team have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process and will work to ensure that you receive an exceptionally smooth and efficient service without the legal jargon.

Our aim is to ensure that the process is as stress free as possible and we will advise you on how to overcome any obstacles along the way. Our team will work to progress matters as quickly as possible to completion and keep you fully up to date with timescales throughout, with no hidden extras.

At Curwens, we can deal with all your residential property needs from;

  • Sale – (Freehold, Leasehold and Share of Freehold)
  • Purchase – (Freehold, Leasehold and Share of Freehold)
  • Transfer of Equity
  • Re-Mortgage
  • Lease Extensions

Curwens are on the panel for the majority of the Mortgage Lenders, as listed within the UK Finance Handbook and as such we will also be able to act for any lender involved in a transaction, unless stated otherwise. We will ask you for the details of any lender involved in a transaction and inform you at the earliest stage possible, if we will not be able to assist.

Residential Development

Choosing the right solicitor to work with for the sales in your development is always an important step, because the instruction is for significant matters that will affect the success of your own business. At Curwens, our experienced legal teams deliver the best solution for you, one that is tailored to your particular circumstances. Regardless of its size, nature or value, private or commercial, each matter is treated with the same high degree of importance, confidentiality, energy and care.

 We pride ourselves on offering straightforward advice, based on the detailed knowledge of current legislation. Our goal is not only to help solve all problems but also to help you find total certainty over important matters.

Our reputation is well recognized as trusted advisors. The reason for our success is that we aim first to understand YOUR objective and what is important to YOU, then work closely with you to achieve it.

We are able to navigate through the complexity of Help To Buy applications and requirements for Developers clients and work with you through our legal knowledge of assisting with the acquisition of the property through our commercial property team to site set up for the developments sales with our residential property team  all the way to dealing with secure and corporate finance requirements with our corporate team.

It is through working with you rather than for you, that enables us to achieve the best outcome

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The term 'Conveyancing' refers to all the legal and administrative work associated with transferring the ownership of land or buildings from one owner to another.

No. We undertake all of the work via the post, internet or over the phone. This means that we can undertake your Conveyancing Transaction no matter where you live in England or Wales. However you can still book an appointment to come into any of our offices in either Enfield, Hoddesdon or Royston. Alternatively we are happy to make appointments elsewhere, should this also be required.

Yes. If you would like to speak to someone about a quote please speak to our Conveyancing department by calling the number for each office, Call us now to speak to one of our expert advisors or Request a Call Back. If you need to speak directly to your Conveyancer please call their direct number, which will be at the bottom of any email received from your Conveyancer.

The answer to this question cannot be given until contracts have been exchanged. Prior to the exchange of contracts any party is entitled to withdraw from the transaction. The length of time taken to complete the transaction is affected by whether there is a large linked chain of buyers and sellers. If there is a large chain then it is possible that the transaction may take longer than usual as all of the parties may be at different stages of the Conveyancing process. If you are purchasing with the aid of a mortgage this may also slow the process down. However if there is no chain and it is a cash sale/ purchase then the whole transaction can be completed very quickly, sometimes within a day or so. Generally speaking however the transaction can take between 6-8 weeks and an additional 2-4 weeks if the property is Leasehold.

There are two ways in which the property can be held, either as ‘joint tenants’ or ‘tenants in common’. It is extremely important to consider the different options available to co-own a property.

When you co-own a property as joint tenants, each co-owner owns the whole of the property and neither owner has a specific or identifiable share. Under a tenancy in common, each co-owner owns a specific share in the property. Please liaise directly with a Conveyancer regarding this.

The seller's solicitors have to provide legal documents of the property. The main document is the contract. This is prepared by the sellers' solicitors and sets out the terms of what has been agreed (i.e. price, names of people involved). There are also other documents which the seller's solicitors need to send us regarding the title. Quite often we will need to raise additional questions about these prior to exchange.

Please note the maxim Caveat Emptor, i.e. ‘Let the Buyer Beware’, applies in property purchases so that you must satisfy yourself by inspection and survey that the property is sound. The property is sold as it stands and your Seller offers no warranty or guarantee as to its condition. It is for you to be satisfied that the property is in good condition and worth the asking price. This must be done before exchange of contracts as once contracts are exchanged you are legally bound to complete the purchase and indeed are liable to various penalties such as forfeiture of your deposit and damages for breach of contract if you do not do so.

We will require sight of the written confirmation that your lender will provide the funds you require, and upon what terms (mortgage offer). There are often conditions in the written offer that need to be satisfied before the funds are released and henceforth we need to check that they are dealt with. In addition, you need to be happy with the product you are being offered, and to be able to take advice on it.

This is the point at which the agreement to buy and sell becomes binding on the parties who each sign a separate copy of the contact which is then exchanged usually by solicitors acting for the parties. The exchange of contracts is done by solicitors. This is also the day when the completion date is fixed. You should only arrange removals once exchange has taken place and the completion date is fixed. If you fail to complete on the agreed date when you have exchanged, you will be in breach of contract and can be sued. Further if you are buying a property you may forfeit your deposit paid on exchange.

Once we are entirely satisfied that all queries have been answered and all conditions have been met, we will send a report to you with the contract explaining clearly and concisely as to what the title consists of. You will then need to sign the contract and associated documents and return it to us. Once we have these back from you we can move onto exchanging contracts. Once contracts are exchanged, both sides are legally committed to go ahead. We will not allow you to exchange until we have ensured that the title to the land is guaranteed and that there can be no dispute as to the ownership. Exchange is legally binding and neither party can back out without suffering loss.

When contracts are exchanged, a deposit is paid over to the seller's conveyancer as a down payment on the property. If you fail to complete the purchase on time, the seller can ultimately keep this deposit, as part compensation. The seller's conveyancer will often ask for at least 5% of the price, as a deposit.

If you are selling you should insure until completion and if you are buying you should insure from exchange.

You are able to complete on any working days.

LOn a sale, our fees, estate agents fees and the redemption of any mortgages will be paid on completion. We will send you these figures in our completion statement which you will receive prior to the completion date. On a purchase, a final completion statement will be prepared and sent to you for approval, once all the figures have agreed, including the net amount of any mortgage advance. We will then ask you to send us the balance required (if any) to complete the transaction, including the legal fees and out of pocket expenses for the work we do for you and the lender before completion and in cleared funds apart from the deposit which we will need in cleared funds before exchange of contracts.

We offer a Fixed Fee on all Conveyancing transactions, here at Curwens. This means you can budget from your move from the start of the transaction, without receiving any unexpected additional costs at the end! Your quote will be provided initially via email and a copy will be sent with a copy of our initial letter to you. If we are unable to provide you with a Fixed Fee for any reason, we will explain this in writing to you.