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An accident –on the road, at work, a slip or trip in the street or even when you’re on holiday – can have a devastating effect on your health, your work, your family and your income.

Although you should always be certain that you have adequate insurance cover, we all know that the unexpected can happen.

Personal Injury Legal Services

  • Advice on the prospects of success of your claim
  • Claiming compensation
  • Claiming for loss of earnings
  • Protecting your livelihood
  • Understanding what's involved in a claim (the process, timescales and risks)

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Our track record in injury claims is excellent, having secured millions of pounds in settlements on behalf of our clients. We won’t confuse you with jargon; we will explain the process clearly and give you good practical advice.

A quick call to our specialist Personal Injury solicitors will give you a thorough assessment of the likely outcome of your claim. When you decide to proceed, we will make sure your claim is dealt with quickly to get you a speedy settlement.

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This is very difficult to say because it would depend on your recovery from your injury and prognosis given by your medical expert. The level of damages you are awarded can only be assessed once your injury has stabilised. In the majority of cases, however, proceedings must be commenced within three years of the accident.

The time limits in accident claims are very strict. You must start Court Proceedings within 3 years of the accident (this is different for children). It is therefore very important to get legal advice as soon as possible after your accident.

It is important to get expert advice as soon as possible to have your claim assessed. Many solicitors, including Curwens, offer a free initial interview.

Yes – your case cannot be properly assessed without expert medical evidence to assist the judge about the prognosis of your injury.

Solicitors follow guidelines and scales of awards as set out by the Judicial Studies Board, combined with references to previous decided cases similar to yours. We will settle as appropriate but if it is not possible to settle satisfactorily by negotiation, your case will have to proceed to Court and the Judge will decide the level of compensation (“damages”) at the trial.