Probate Solicitors

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough without the added strain of dealing with the legalities involved in administering the estate.

You will want to know that the bills can be paid and the assets are protected. You will want to know that the estate is administered correctly and in accordance with the Will or relevant statutory rules.

Curwens offer you a professional but highly sympathetic approach to help you deal with the legal technicalities of obtaining probate. We will keep you in control of a potentially difficult situation and always be there to explain what can be at times a long and complex process.

We offer a flexible service ranging from a one off fixed fee meeting of advice, undertaking specific aspects of estate administration right through to completing the entire process on your behalf.

Probate Services

  • Simply understanding the language of a Will
  • Ensuring the relevant taxation matters are both complied with and minimised.
  • Looking after the financial needs of children.
  • Dealing with the disposal of assets that may be required
  • Guidance through the probate process.
  • Advice on varying a Will to take account of current circumstances or to minimise inheritance tax liabilities

Download our "Rules of Intestacy" flow chart

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We will explain clearly what seems wrapped in mystery and legal jargon. We will keep you in the loop about the progress being made and we will arrange wherever possible for interim payments. Above all, we will remove the worry of spiralling costs.

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Probate is the procedure followed by the Executors or Personal Representatives after a person has died. They will need to swear an oath to obtain Grant of Probate which will give them the powers needed to administer the estate, for example, to distribute monies to beneficiaries under the Will (or the intestacy rules) and to transfer land or shares. If you have been appointed to act as an Executor by someone you have sadly lost then we can help you to relieve the stress and emotion of dealing with probate. We will work with you or deal with matters entirely should you wish. For smaller, less complex estates we offer a fixed fee.