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Whether you are making provision for your spouse and children, ensuring that those you wish to benefit from your assets do so, or whether you wish to protect assets from exposure to inheritance tax, it is absolutely vital that you undertake proper estate planning and make a Will.

You may want a simple Will or have more complicated family arrangements which need to be dealt with. You may want to ensure that your children are catered for in the future whilst protecting your assets from being spent too quickly.

Wills and Trusts Services

  • Drafting your Will
  • Making lifetime and Will based arrangements for payment of care home fees
  • Advice on the implications of your proposed arrangements
  • Ensuring correct provision for the needs of children and other dependents
  • Arranging a Living Will
  • Advising on tax-efficient disposal of your assets
  • Charitable giving and the creation of trusts
  • Registration of your Will with Certainty, the national wills register, for added peace of mind

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By clearly understanding your wishes, we can avoid future distress and worry. With our professionalism and experience, Curwens can ensure your peace of mind both about provision for your family and your own long-term care arrangements.

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It is estimated that around 300,000 people die intestate (without a Will) every year. This means that the assets owned by you at your date of death will pass under the intestacy rules and not necessarily in accordance with your wishes. The main benefit of making a Will is that you can control how your assets are divided when you die and ensure that your loved ones are provided for as you see fit. Making a Will also means that dealing with your estate will be a simpler (and possibly cheaper) exercise for your family than would be the case if you die intestate.

Now. It will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your express wishes will be carried out when you die. If you already have a Will but have recently married or divorced or if your circumstances have changed (for example, if the size of your estate has increased meaning that tax efficiency should be considered) then you should make a new Will.

We charge £300 plus VAT for a single Will or £580 plus VAT for Mirror Wills in similar form. There will be additional charges if your Will is complex, for example of it includes a discretionary Trust or involves a lot of time and meetings, if you request a home visit or if tax planning is required. The basic cost structure will not be exceeded without discussing this with you beforehand.

Your Executors are the people who will deal with your estate after your death. They will collect and value your assets, settle any debts and discharge any inheritance tax payable, distribute any specific legacies (such as personal belongings) or money gifts you have left then distribute the remainder of your estate (the residue) in accordance with your Will. We recommend that you appoint at least two Executors in case one of them is unable to act for any reason. This can be your spouse, any relative or friend and/or a professional Executor such as firm of Solicitors.

The role of your Executors will extend to holding monies as Trustees for any beneficiaries who are under 18 at the date of your death until they are old enough to receive the gift you leave them in your Will.

In your Will you can state who you would like to care for your children in the event of your death. The appointment of a Guardian usually takes effect on the death of the second parent. However, if you wish somebody other than your child’s surviving parent to become their Guardian then your Will may be used as evidence of your wishes in any subsequent Court proceedings relating to your children.

The duties of a Guardian are similar to those of a parent. They are responsible for the day to day upbringing of your child as if he or she was their own.

It is estimated that around 300,000 people die intestate (without a Will) every year. This means that the assets owned by you at your date of death will pass under the intestacy rules and not necessarily in accordance with your wishes.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the level of demand for people wanting to write or update their wills. Due to the legal formalities of requiring a valid will to have two witnesses, with social distancing and a UK government lockdown, the coronavirus has also created a number of practical problems in terms of how a valid will can be made.

In order for a Will to be valid it must be dated and signed by the testator (person making the Will) in the presence of two independent witnesses who must also sign the Will in the testators presence.

The witnesses must be at least 18 years old, must not benefit in any way from your Will and generally should not be a member of your family.

There is no formality for the witnesses to be acting in a professional capacity so you do not have to come into the office.

We are currently offering our clients video conferencing and / or telephone meetings to go through this where required.

If you have concerns about signing your Will, contact our Private Client Team.

In order for someone to witness your signature on a Will you and the witnesses must be in the same place and the same time, you cannot sign / witness a Will over Skype or other video calling methods.

There has been varying advice from companies in trying to deal with this issue, but provided that you and the witnesses can see each others signatures whilst signing it should still be possible to stand two meters apart keeping inline with government guidance.

The majority of clients have been able to contact their neighbour to ask if they can be witness to their Will and either deal with the signing outside their houses or even on opposite sides of a window.

Obviously you should make sure that you and the witnesses wash your hands thoroughly before and after signing.

If you have concerns about signing your Will, contact our Private Client Team.