The following chart is intended to give you an idea of the likely costs involved in certain circumstances.

DescriptionFee BasisFee/Fee Range
D.I.Y. packIncludes a step by step guide together with the required formsFixed Cost (payable at outset)£49 +VAT
Lawyer assisted D.I.Y. packAs above plus we draft the forms and give telephone advice on procedural issuesFixed Cost (payable at outset)£349 +VAT
Fully Represented (undefended straightforward petition)We fully represent youFixed Cost (payable at outset)£749 +VAT
Fully Represented Petitioner (undefended petition)We fully represent youTime spent basis (payable by interim invoices)£1,000 to £1,500 +VAT
Fully Represented Respondent (undefended petition)We fully represent youTime spent basisUp to £400 +VAT
Fully Represented (defended petition)We fully represent youTime spent basisCould be significantly higher and we will provide further information at the time.

In addition to the charges for our professional fees above a Court fee of £550 is payable for issuing the Petition.

What our customers say  

I want to say a huge thank you to Adrian Boulter for his incredible expertise while dealing with my tenancy dispute. Without Adrian’s advice I would have been completely unaware of my rights and the complexities of my tenancy agreement.  His advice was straight talking, and simplified what I thought was a complicated matter. Adrian gave me the confidence to stand my ground and his energy gave me the positivity I needed to see through what has been a difficult time.  As your solicitor he truly has your best interest...
I would like to thank you Amanda for all your support during this process. I felt very pleased you were my solicitor, you gave me confidence and reassurance, I felt in very safe hands.
“Very satisfied client” – Family Law “Vijaya has all along taken my case deeply personal, giving me all the support and representation with a lot of care and understanding throughout the very stressful and frustrating process. She has been phenomenal and very professional, offering me the best legal representation that I needed most as I was dealing with a very difficult and non cooperative ex-spouse, who was frustrating every legal process.” I write this as a testimony of having Vijaya Sumputh representing me for my very complicated family matter covering...