The last thing your business needs is for your customers to treat you as their bank. You’ve done the work and need to be paid. Cash flow is the oil on which companies run and nothing is more damaging or infuriating than a string of unpaid bills.

If you have a debt over £1,000 which you have tried to recover but without success, Curwens offer you a cost-effective debt solution – "Prompt Pay". Our initial approach is to negotiate a way out of the stalemate for you in order to achieve the highest return at the lowest cost. Litigation is only used as the last resort.

Debt Collection Services

  • Speeding up your cash collection
  • Bulk debt collection
  • Drafting particulars of claim
  • Obtaining a county court judgement
  • Defending insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Winding up a debtor's company
  • Dealing with bounced cheques
  • Claiming interest on your unpaid invoices

We can help you

Working within a reasonable and agreed budget, we will pursue your claim in the fastest, most cost effective manner possible. We will get on with chasing your debts for you so that you can concentrate on running your business.

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