Fixed Costs Divorce Options Comparison

Fixed Cost Divorce ComparisonDIY Divorce Pack DownloadLawyer Assisted DIY DivorceFully Represented Divorce

Will I get the DIY Pack consisting of:

  • The divorce petition
  • Statement of arrangements for children
  • Application for decree nisi
  • Affidavit in support of nisi application
  • Application for decree absolute
  • Examples of completed divorce papers
  • A step by step guide as to how to complete the above documents
  • A summary of the divorce procedure
YesYesNot Required
Will I meet with a Solicitor to discuss my divorce? YesYes
Will my Solicitor draft the divorce papers for me? YesYes
Will my Solicitor advise me over the telephone about my divorce? YesYes
Will my Solicitor guide me through the divorce process? YesYes
Will a solicitor review my papers before they go to the court?£50 extraYesYes
Will my Solicitor send my divorce papers to the court?  Yes
Will my Solicitor inform the court that he/she is representing me?  Yes
Will my Solicitor fully represent me during my divorce?  Yes
Will my Solicitor take care of the whole divorce process?  Yes