It is always difficult to give an estimate of costs with respect to dealing with your cohabitation matter. Much will depend on whether an agreement can be reached amicably on the property in dispute, division of assets or whether an application will have to be made to court. We try to give the best estimate we can and so we have broken it down into the following sections:

DescriptionFee BasisFee Range
Compromised VoluntarilyNegotiating a written agreement without going to CourtTime spent basis£2,000 to £5,000 +VAT
Contested ProceedingsMaking an application to Court, preparing for and dealing with any Court hearings.Time spent basisIn addition to the above£6,000 to £30,000 +VAT
(a Barrister may also be instructed at £1,000 to £5,000 +VAT)

Although these types of cases still come under the umbrella of family work, the court would usually deal with them under the CPR (Civil Procedure Rules). There are certain risks on costs in such cases to consider.

The general rule is that the loser must pay the winner’s costs, and liability to pay costs to another party in litigation (i.e. court cases) only arises once court proceedings are commenced. The liability then may, however, 'date back' and include costs arising before the litigation starts.

These cases can involve applications under TOLATA and/or Schedule 1 of Children Act.

What our customers say  

I want to say a huge thank you to Adrian Boulter for his incredible expertise while dealing with my tenancy dispute. Without Adrian’s advice I would have been completely unaware of my rights and the complexities of my tenancy agreement.  His advice was straight talking, and simplified what I thought was a complicated matter. Adrian gave me the confidence to stand my ground and his energy gave me the positivity I needed to see through what has been a difficult time.  As your solicitor he truly has your best interest...
I would like to thank you Amanda for all your support during this process. I felt very pleased you were my solicitor, you gave me confidence and reassurance, I felt in very safe hands.
“Very satisfied client” – Family Law “Vijaya has all along taken my case deeply personal, giving me all the support and representation with a lot of care and understanding throughout the very stressful and frustrating process. She has been phenomenal and very professional, offering me the best legal representation that I needed most as I was dealing with a very difficult and non cooperative ex-spouse, who was frustrating every legal process.” I write this as a testimony of having Vijaya Sumputh representing me for my very complicated family matter covering...