Why make a will

The saddest comment I hear from bereaved clients is that they have been searching the house top to bottom and phoning around to local solicitors, looking for the will of their loved one, at a time when the last thing they need is more stress and aggravation.  Even if the will says more or less what one would expect (such as “all to my wife”) it is so much easier for the family to have a simple will to follow and they must also know where to find the will.

I always recommend that when clients draft a will and name Executors, they firstly ask the Executors if they are happy to do the job (good move that !) and also either give them a copy or just tell them where the original will is stored.  Banks and solicitors will store the will and the charges for that do vary – most solicitors will store the will free.  Also, to help locate the will, “Certainty” is a service where you can register the details of where the will is stored so that a search of their database can be made after a death to identify who holds the will.  This is a very cost effective way of registering the details electronically to make it very easy to trace –http://www.certainty.co.uk.

So, two top tips this time – make a will and make sure your loved ones know where to find it.