What information should I have on my company’s website and e-mails?

A: Compliance with the Companies Act 2006 now requires that the following information must appear on company websites and in e-mails:

  • The company name (this might differ from the trading name, in which case the difference should be made clear);
  • The company’s registered office address (which must be a geographical address, not a PO Box);
  • The company’s registration number and country of registration;
  • An e-mail address where the company can be contacted (requirement not necessary for e-mails);
  • If the company is a member of a trade or professional association, membership details, including any registration number (requirement not necessary for e-mails).

It is also recommended (although not a requirement) that if the business has a VAT number, it is also stated.

The information must be clear and easily accessible. However, for a website, it does not need to appear on every page; for example, the information can be included on an “about us” or “legal” page. For e-mails, the information can be contained in a footer.