What are the rules about paying the other sides costs? Can I claim my costs from the other side if I win?

A: Generally speaking if the claim is for less than £10,000 then each side will pay their own costs, whether winner or loser. If the claim is greater than £10,000 then the winner’s costs are normally paid by the loser. This is not always the case and the judge will ultimately decide. Even if you win and the judge orders costs be paid by your opponent, you will not always receive the whole amount and on top of this, if the loser ultimately cannot pay, then you may receive nothing. We are experienced in managing negotiations, ensuring that the court we see how hard we worked to achieve a reasonable settlement prior to the hearing, thus aiming to keep costs down. Assuming we then win, the court will often see that the now higher costs were not our fault and will, accordingly, decide in our favour. You, our client, will ultimately be responsible to Curwens for our costs.