The future is bright, the future may be no more section 21 notices!

A new form for section 21 notices has been introduced for evictions which can be found on the government website. However, the government will be consulting on whether section 21 notices should be banned entirely as it is reported that it is one of the biggest causes of families being made homeless.

In Wales, plans have been announced to ban section 21 notices and in Scotland a new type of tenancy has been introduced whereby eviction must be based on an officially-proven reason.

Theresa May says “everyone renting in the private sector has the right to feel secure in their home….but millions of responsible tenants could still be uprooted by their landlord with little notice….this is wrong”.

Shelter, a charitable organisation which deals with homelessness, says that it… “will transform lives” if this happens.

Other critics say that we already have the section 8 process for this and whilst this procedure is infamously known to be slow and expensive, it is this process that needs to reform rather than creating indefinite tenancies. Curwens will be keeping abreast of any new changes in the law. In the meantime, tell us what you think?

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