You own your own home, perhaps your most valuable asset.  Our home is at the centre of our lives and it is therefore something we all wish to protect.

Any threat to our home and property is a very sensitive matter. Whether you are seeking to protect your home from the effects of other people’s behaviour or whether you are seeking to enhance the value of your home through Leasehold Enfranchisement, our specialist team will help you see the vital issues and make good decisions as to how best to achieve your desired outcome.

Property Disputes

Unfortunately it is not unusual to find that someone else’s behaviour begins to encroach upon your enjoyment of your property or even affects its saleability and value. Perhaps a neighbour intends to build upon their land, plants a fast-growing hedge, or is demanding access to their land though yours. How do you respond? What will be the possible repercussions if you say no?

We have experience of successfully resolving disputes involving:

  • Party Wall Act
  • Boundaries
  • Breeches of Covenant
  • Disputes over garden fences and leylandii hedges

Curwens experts will explain the law in simple language, present you with clear options and outline the cost versus the benefits of the proposed action.

Leasehold Enfranchisement

If you own a flat or other leasehold property, you may know that the length of the lease and particular conditions upon the lease are significant in determining the saleability and hence the value of your home. On the other hand, you may be the Landlord wanting to sell the freehold, but concerned about achieving a fair price.

The law changed in 2006, granting the right, in certain circumstances, for leasehold owners to purchase the freehold from the Landlord (known as Leasehold Enfranchisement). Alternatively, leaseholders may prefer to purchase a lease extension from their Landlord, extending the term to as much as 90 years, and thus increase the value of their property when it comes to the time to sell. There are conditions to both options and it will also require some organisation of owners of the flats in the block. Nevertheless our experts have worked both for flat owners and for the Landlord in such negotiations and we can help you too.
Whether Tenant or Landlord, we will help you to understand the process and using our knowledge and long experience, we will advise on the best means of achieving a good result.

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