Because you know the needs of your family better than anyone.

Mediation is a process which helps people who are separating discuss and agree on the best arrangements for their future. It works because it is a voluntary choice and allows you to find a solution personally tailored to you.  Mediation can be used to make arrangements for children, discuss finances, or both (known as All Issues Mediation).
The Process involves an impartial third person (the Mediator) assisting you to communicate better with one another and to help you to reach your own agreed and informed decisions.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

Mediation is a voluntary choice.  However, since 2014, you cannot usually make an application to the Family Court, about children or financial issues, until you have attended a mediation information meeting known as a MIAM. At that meeting, a trained mediator will discuss with you the nature of your dispute and explore with you whether mediation would be a suitable way to resolve the issues on which there is a disagreement. The mediator will also explain how the process works and the costs involved.

There are certain situations, for example, whether there are domestic abuse issues or child protection concerns, where mediation would not be appropriate.

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