Do you think you could resolve issues with your ex-partner without the intervention of the courts?

Do you want to feel in control of the important decisions made about you and your family’s future?

Would you like your children to grow up with parents who are civil to each other and who they know always put their needs first ?

If you answer “YES” to any of these then you should consider using the collaborative approach to resolve matters between you and your ex-partner. Each of you will appoint your own solicitor to represent and advise you, then all discussions (and decisions) take place at round table meetings.

The ultimate aim of collaborative law is to resolve family disputes without going to court, giving you and your ex-partner control over what is discussed and how quickly things move.

• You and your ex-partner will liaise before each 'four way' meeting to ensure there is an agenda in place and no nasty surprises.

• At the first ‘four way’ meeting the solicitors and both of you sign an agreement to make sure that you are all committed to working out an agreement without going to court

• Each four way meeting is tailored to you and your ex-partner – to ensure that any urgent concerns are dealt with and thereafter all other priorities and issues are discussed.

• At the final four way meeting a document detailing the agreements you have reached will be signed and your lawyers will talk you through anything else that needs to be done in order to implement those agreements.

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