Knee Operation Infection Victim Wins Seven-Figure NHS Payout

Hospital SignEven routine operations can have devastating consequences if they go wrong, and it is only right that those who suffer should be properly compensated. In one case, a woman won seven-figure damages after she contracted an infection during common or garden knee surgery and was ultimately left largely dependent on a wheelchair.

The operation was meant to ease pain in the woman’s joint but, due to the infection, she had to undergo a total knee replacement much earlier than would otherwise have been required. The infection persisted, however, and she has since endured more than 20 operations. Aged in her 50s, she has been left all but incapable of walking.

The NHS trust that ran the hospital where she was treated was found liable for her injuries by a judge and her lawyers later succeeded in negotiating a final settlement of her case. The High Court approved the deal, by which the trust agreed to pay the woman a lump sum of £1.5 million, plus index-linked and tax-free payments of £50,000 a year to cover the costs of her care for life.

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