Help when you’re buying your new home

It’s so true that moving home is one of the top ten most stressful experiences in life but there are lots of things you can do to help yourself (and your solicitor!) smooth the process and minimise delay.

First point – get your information ready about the property you’re selling – get your documentation in order – spend a little time getting all your paperwork together.  If you’ve had any work done on the home you’re selling, such as double glazing, building work, damp proofing, any structural work, you will have planning permission, building regulations, guarantees/warranties etc.  Get those into a pack ready to hand over to your solicitor at the start. We’re used to dealing with that kind of paperwork and know what we need to have ready for the buyer, so let us have as much as possible as soon as possible.  It will save you time later when the buyer’s solicitor starts asking questions.  Another point which seems a small issue but can cause a lot of problems – make sure you know which boundaries are yours – which fences you have to maintain. It could save a huge row with the neighbours later!

Another cause of delay is finance – for searches, the deposit and then the mortgage. Get those all set up as soon as possible so that when you get to exchange of contracts, you know that can go ahead with no hold-up at completion.

The key to this is preparation.  Selling and buying property is always stressful, so do your homework in advance and you’ll help your solicitor to really get things moving!

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