“Heiress case – update”

In our last blog, we reported on the Alireza case. The Court of Appeal has now overturned a decision and ruled in favour of Saudi Heiress Hayat Alireza. (Alireza v Radwan & Ors [2017] EWCA Civ 1545) Lady Justice Gloster said: “The judge had made an order which denied this wife any recognition in the form of a capital settlement to reflect her contribution to the marriage.”

She further commented that under English law, a father has no duty to support his daughter. She pointed out that the husband enjoyed “complete autonomy” and had remarried and started a new family.  “The wife, however, living in a property owned by her husband and his family, continues to be tied to her former husband. That has an inevitable impact on her life, including on any new relationship.”

This decision would now allow the Heiress to receive a multi-million pound settlement from her former husband and has shed some light on how the Court would deal with future inheritance.

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