How long will the claim take?

This is very difficult to say because it would depend on your recovery from your injury and prognosis given by your medical expert. The level of damages you are awarded can only be assessed once your injury has stabilised. In the majority of cases, however, proceedings must be commenced within three years of the accident.

What if my injury occurred a while ago?

The time limits in accident claims are very strict. You must start Court Proceedings within 3 years of the accident (this is different for children). It is therefore very important to get legal advice as soon as possible after your accident.


How much compensation can I expect?

Solicitors follow guidelines and scales of awards as set out by the Judicial Studies Board, combined with references to previous decided cases similar to yours. We will settle as appropriate but if it is not possible to settle satisfactorily by negotiation, your case will have to proceed to Court and the Judge will decide the…