Can I do anything about my noisy neighbours?

A: You should first try to speak with your neighbour and ask them to reduce the noise. If this approach fails there are a range of other remedies, depending on your neighbour’s ownership status:

• If your neighbour is a tenant, you can contact their landlord and request that they enforce the tenancy agreement to prevent nosie levels being unreasonable. If the problem persists it is useful to keep a record/diary of the disturbances which can be used as evidence in any future action.

• Local Authority tenants can contact the Local Government Ombudsman who may be able to recommend compensation if the local authority has failed in one of its duties.

• Tenants of housing associations and other registered social landlords can contact the Independent Housing Ombudsman. Local authorities have wide powers to deal with noise nuisances and you should contact the Environmental Health Officer and ask them to investigate. If they consider there is a “noise nuisance” they can serve a notice on the person causing the noise, or on the owner of the property. If the noise does not then abate the local authority can prosecute them and obtain an injunction prohibiting the noise nuisance. Alternatively you can apply for an injunction in the County Court. If you are contemplating such action you should ensure that you have kept a record of those instances when the noise level has been unreasonable.