Penalised by Officialdom? A Good Lawyer Can Help!

Official decisions can have a dramatic impact on your life – but one of the benefits of living in a country where the rule of law prevails is that they can be challenged. The point was proved by one case in which a single mother took on HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in a dispute…


Service Charges – Landlord Pays Dearly for Failing to Read the Lease

When it comes to issuing service charge demands, landlords must stick to the letter of leases or risk recovering nothing at all – even if that results in tenants receiving an unwarranted windfall. The Court of Appeal made that point in relieving a residential tenant of liability to pay service charges over a four-year period….


Adoption Is a Last Resort but the Welfare of Children Is Paramount

Family judges are well aware that it is preferable for youngsters to be brought up by their natural families and that adoption is a last resort. However, as one case clearly showed, they will not shrink from taking that step if a child’s welfare demands it. The case concerned a little boy, aged two and…


Nature of Confidentiality Defined in Court of Appeal Test Case

The nature of confidentiality has been pondered by the Court of Appeal in a guideline decision concerning a parent who posted information about eleven-plus examination papers online before all the candidates had sat them. The exam was taken by over 1,800 pupils vying for entry to six grammar schools in one local authority area. The…


Trade Union Induced Prison Officers to Breach Discipline – High Court Ruling

Certain key workers whose jobs are vital to the proper functioning of the Government are denied the right to take industrial action afforded to everyone else. Prison officers are amongst them and, in a guideline decision, the High Court took a robust approach in prioritising the needs of the state over individual interests. The case…


Family Proceedings – Anonymity Orders v Freedom of Expression

Family courts routinely grant anonymity to children involved in care proceedings, but that inevitably has a chilling effect on parents and others who might wish to publicise their objections to judicial orders. Exactly that issue arose in one case in which a couple’s freedom of expression rights prevailed. A judge had made care orders in…


Tribunal Untangles Litany of Drafting Errors in Housing Estate Leases

The reason why drafting leases is a job for specialist lawyers is that any ambiguity or unfortunate wording can store up trouble for the future. In one case, a litany of errors in the drafting of flat leases in respect of a housing development gave rise to not just one, but two, sets of hard-fought…


Restrictions on Use of Holiday Homes – Court of Appeal Lays Down the Law

Many thousands of holiday homes are subject to planning restrictions that forbid their occupation all the year round or as principal residences. Such rules are sometimes taken with a pinch of salt by their owners, but a Court of Appeal ruling showed that they must be taken seriously. The case concerned a number of properties…


Wyndham James

We are sorry to have to share with you the sad news of the death of Wyndham James, a former Senior Partner of Curwens Solicitors. Wyndham was a property lawyer throughout his professional life.  He took over his father’s practice of Trefor R James in Enfield Town and worked there for many years.  He retired from Curwens in 1999.   He…


Firs Farm Festival

The team from Curwens was at the Firs Farm Festival, Winchmore Hill, N21 on Saturday 16th July 2016. Firs Farm Wetlands was transformed into a vibrant summer community festival with fun, food, music and activities by The Friends of Firs Farm. Schools community groups, local businesses and residents were all there to join in the fun – and the…