A Line on a Map Can Never Define a Boundary with Pinpoint Accuracy

A line on a map, however finely drawn, can never be narrow or precise enough to identify a boundary with absolute accuracy. As one case concerning a footpath showed, that inescapable fact lies at the heart of innumerable disputes. The footpath ran between steep banks and appeared as a black line on maps dating back…


Diplomatic Immunity in an Employment Context – Supreme Court Ruling

Diplomats are immune from the jurisdiction of the courts of host countries – but there are limits to that principle. The Supreme Court identified one such in an important decision concerning a domestic servant who claimed to have been trafficked and mistreated by a diplomat and his wife. In a ruling that was subsequently upheld…


Tenants – Your Ground Rent May Seem Trifling But You Must Pay It!

Leases often date back many years and inflation means that ground rents payable often dwindle to apparently trifling sums – however, they must still be paid. In one case that underlined the point, a subtenant came within an ace of forfeiting his long under-lease due to his failure to pay £11 in ground rent. The…


Macmillan – World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

All 3 Curwens offices – Enfield, Hoddesdon and Royston – supported this great cause. We raised just under £500 which is an amazing result. Cakes were made by staff and friends, visitors were welcomed with coffee (and tea!) and a great time was had by all.   Thank you to all who supported us.     Royston Office


Divorce and Inheritance – Who should support the former spouse?

Achieving a Divorce settlement is always tricky but it can get even trickier when you are about to receive an inheritance or have already received one. In 2015, a High Court ruling awarded Ms Alireza from her banker ex-husband Hossam Radwan a lump sum of £2 million and the right to stay in the former…


Hair Strand Analysis in Family Cases – Judge Reviews Pros and Cons

Drug addicts rarely make good parents and toxicological analysis of hair strands is of increasing importance in many cases concerning the care of children. However, as one High Court case showed, judges do not simply accept the reliability of such scientific techniques uncritically. The case concerned a mother who accepted that she had been addicted…


What is Cheating? And Does it Involve Dishonesty? – Supreme Court Ruling

Does the concept of ‘cheating’ necessarily involve an element of dishonesty? The Supreme Court tackled that thorny issue in finding that a professional card player who won £7.7 million in a casino was not entitled to his winnings. The man was playing punto banco – a variant of baccarat that is normally a game of…


High Court Bans Proposed Royal Mail Strike as a Breach of Contract

Trade unions have a statutory right to call their members out on strike so long as the correct procedures are followed. However, as one case concerning proposed industrial action by more than 100,000 Royal Mail workers showed, that right can be cut down by agreement. The Communication Workers Union was in dispute with Royal Mail…


Planning Laws – Obey Them Or See Your Buildings Demolished!

Planning laws are there to be obeyed and local authorities, with judicial backing, are not afraid of enforcing them. In one case, the High Court opened the way for a family home that had been built without planning consent to be levelled to the ground. The couple who built the house had been served with…