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When Would A Compromise Agreement Be Used?A Compromise Agreement is useful in the following circumstances: 
Where there is, or there is likely to be a dispute between employer and employee and the employer is willing to pay compensation ...
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How Will I Know If I Have Received A Compromise Agreement From My Employer?Compromise Agreements do not always have to be prepared in a formal document with the title ‘Compromise Agreement’ at the top of the page...more >

Why Do I Need A Solicitor To Negotiate With My Employer? In order for a Compromise Agreement to be binding it is necessary for the employee to receive legal advice...more >

Are Payments Tax Free?Some payments arising out of a compromise agreement are tax free and some are not...more >

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Redundancy and Changing Terms & Conditions

Compromise Agreements – The Golden Handshake 

A Compromise Agreement is a specific agreement entered into by an employer and employee whereby the employee receives a sum of money in exchange for waiving his or her rights, now and in the future, to any claim against the employer under the employer’s contract of employment.

Employers will sometimes offer a Compromise Agreement prior to dismissing an employee. In order for Compromise Agreements to be enforceable, an employee is required to obtain independent legal advice as to the terms of the Agreement and the consequences of entering into the same. We can take you through the terms of the Agreement (which are often riddled with legal jargon) in a clear manner explaining the terms in everyday language so you have an informed choice as to whether to enter into the Compromise Agreement or not.

Golden Handshake

We often act for Directors, senior and high-earning employees when negotiating the best possible exit packages and golden handshakes as part of a Compromise Agreement.


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